Monday, July 9, 2012

Pukie the Clown CrossFit Socks

Pukie the Clown CrossFit Socks

He's finally HERE! After thinking about this sock for so long, we estimated about 6 months, we finally have PUKIE THE CLOWN!

Now for those of you who don't know, or those of you who don't CrossFit, Pukie the Clown is a metaphor. A metaphor for when you work out so hard, with such an intensity, your body vomits. In a sense, you meet Pukie. As a budding wimp 

Now if you're really intense, you'll meet his Uncle Rhabdo. 

Uncle Rhabdo

Now Uncle Rhabdo originates from a different breed of CrossFit WOD- a WOD challenging you to work so hard, your organs fall out. (Sounds perfectly healthy if you ask me).

Our socks are funny! Our socks have sole protection and arch support! How funny would it be if you gave one of your friends the honorary Pukie the Clown socks, when they puke as a beginning CrossFitter? 


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grenade Socks in Army Green!

       Army Green Grenade CrossFit Socks                                                                   Army Green Grenade CrossFit Socks
Hey everyone! We put more of our great styles, now in different colors! First we had the Ultimate CrossFit Grenade Socks in Black and White, now we have them in Army Green and Red. Our one of a kind Knee-High CrossFit socks come with a ventilator mesh top and Achilles Foot protection.

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Andrew Deters
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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Ultimate CrossFit Socks in..LIME GREEN!

Ultimate CrossFit Socks in Lime Green
Now this has an alien/godzilla/lizard feel to it. Definitely almost something relapsed from the 90's, maybe the Godzilla remake movie with Matthew Broderick? It's a good thing that after this, we will have the next sock available, "WODZILLA". Hopefully a whole bunch of CrossFit gyms will go crazy after that :).

Looks familiar, doesn't it?
That's fair game, but don't underestimate these babies. First they Achilles tendon and arch support (check around the gear). And second on the front, you get a little extra padding and breathing, as well as a little Crossfit signature on the toe.

I hope you enjoy our socks and they make your WOD much better, and more fun! How many CrossFit guys would like to see some performance crew socks?

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Andrew Deters
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Friday, June 15, 2012

The GRENADE CrossFit Socks and Explosive Training

An "Explosive" Performance Sock

Why do I love these socks so much? I don't know why, I just do. The simplicity of the grenade symbolizes so much. To me, mostly strength. 

It's strong. It's Explosive. It's demanding. It's everything I want for a symbol of an athlete: Strength, Agility, Aggression, and Determination.

I did coach swimming for two years at Claremont McKenna College. It's a small private school in sunny Claremont, California and also my home town. While learning as much as I could as an Assistant Coach, I wanted to be more creative and more innovative with the sets I created. As a distance swimmer miler, (I swam the event that requires lap counters and hours of time for all the heats), I was bored. Seriously, what is more boring and challenging than starting practice, and spinning your arms and kicking your legs for two hours STRAIGHT?

The hard question I had to ask myself was, how do I make this interesting? How do I challenge myself to create an innovative practice?

The answer came to me one day: Explosive Training.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

IRON Cross CrossFit Socks!

Iron Cross Ultimate CrossFit  Socks
 So when we went to the 2012 CrossFit Regionals, we did notice a few details about the CrossFit culture and community: it all had to do with edginess. Edginess because the Sport of Fitness is not only a Gym revolution, but also a cultural revolution. With the rebellious spirit against the LA Fitness and cookie cutter Globo-Gyms of the world, CrossFit embraces diversity, individuality, and competing in a futuristic tense. 

A facet of the alternative culture we noticed, besides from the heavy metal blaring during the dumbbell snatch event, was the prevalence of tattoos. This links back to the shift about embracing diversity and individuality - these people have it. Within the arena holds a certain and precise enthusiasm, a magic if you will.  People have 

We thought a Maltese Iron Cross with the words "CrossFit" inside, would be killer. What do you think?

Remind you of West Coast Choppers?

That's the beauty of all of this: we can create whatever we want. 

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Andrew Deters
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Ultimate CrossFit Socks in PINK!

It's time for the ladies to get some great socks! 

So we knew our Ultimate CrossFit socks look great, but we knew they'd look a lot better in pink. Hundreds of girls ordered our Striped Skull socks, so we thought we'd continue with a pink version of our Original CrossFit Socks. 

What makes them so special? It definitely has to do with the pink notches surrounding the heel and front of the foot. The texture and weaving of the sock, around the base of the foot, provides compression support for your Achilles Tendon and sole of the foot. 

CrossFit Deadlift Socks

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Ladies tell us what you think?

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Andrew Deters
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

CrossFit Socks made for US Military

Memorial Day just passed yesterday and it reminded us about our fallen nation's heroes. I feel proud and grateful of everyone in our military, from

To salute our nation's heroes we've put a few more designs into our production.

Stars and Stripes forever!
Over the past few months, I have sent hundreds and hundreds pairs of socks to military bases. There is a reason they want our socks: they are highly durable.

Meet Sergeant Pain

Also if you take notice, check out the small notches on the Sergeant Pain sock. If you look on the front of the foot, we have arch support surrounding the base of the sock. This both protects the front of your foot, as well as your sole. Also, on the back (Just below the skull of Sergeant Pain), you can see the same notches. This is our Achilles heel protection, and it wraps around to the front towards the shin as well. 

Let us know what you think! And also you can check out our entire selection of great CrossFit socks at:

Thanks for reading, and thank you to our committed military heroes!

Andrew Deters